The Call Genius

The Call Genius is a turn key cold calling marketing solution! Their mission is to provide the most stream line cold callers for your company! Please reach out and see what we can do to help your business!

Cole Realty Resource

Cole Realty Resource provides unlimited already skip traced data in any state across the country, at a extremely affordable price! No more worrying about buying data and then skip tracing it it’s a all in one package! Reach out to us!

Call Genius Dialer

The Call Genius Dialer powered by Xen Call. The best wholesaling dialer now for cheaper than ever! Get a real estate optimized dialer for almost half the price of any other dialer service on the market! Get a free demo today!

Millennial Motivate

Join the Millennial Motivate Facebook group today. A free service that allows you to ask the community questions around business & real estate. It is a force of entrepreneurs ready to lift each other up and grow our businesses together. Jacob and Leo will be holding podcasts every month!