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User Interface Designer

Tiramisu Connoisseur

Mario the Magnificent Mascot

Mario the Magnificent Drexel Mascot

Web Design / School Mascot / 2015

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Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Co.

Franklin Fountain Ice Cream

Web Design / Ice Cream Parlor / 2015

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jacobblank.com version 2


Design + Dev / This Website / 2015

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Made in America Festival

'Made in America' Music Festival

Design + Dev / Interactive Piece / 2015

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Mark Electronic's Inc.

Mark Electronics Inc.

Design + Dev / Freelance / 2015

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Roboto Typeface

Roboto Typeface Experimental Display

Design + Dev / Experimental / 2015

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  Some of my recent work


I'm Jacob Blank, a 20 y.o. visual designer and front-end developer; creating intuitive user experiences within beautifully crafted interfaces. Lately, I have found myself most attracted to mobile app design, challenged by its inherently limited screen real estate and unique interaction capabilities.

Currently attending Drexel University, I reside in the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design pursuing a degree in Interactive Digital Media.

Outside of the classroom, I am currently creating an app, like to cook and fine-tune my 'chef' skills, and enjoy exploring my current residency of Philadelphia.


_01. Stuff Involving Writing Utensils

Wireframes, sketching, rapid iteration (fail early, fail often)

<other> Sticky note reminders, grocery lists

_02. Stuff that's Mainly Conceptual

HCI, grid systems, typography, mobile interaction design patterns, iOS design patterns, Android design patterns

<other> Expertly crafting Stack Overflow Google queries

_03. Stuff on Computers

Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure RP Pro, Pixate, Sublime Text, Transmit, MAMP

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PHP, (my)SQL, JS, jQuery, Grunt, SVG

Responsive Web Design, Mobile First, SEO

<other> MS Paint


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